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04/07/2011 / Raika

In Meiner CD Kiste…

… findet man:

Killerpilze – 3

The Parlotones – Brid In Flight
The Parlotones – Come Back As Heroes
– I’ll Be There

Phoenix – 1901
Phoenix – Lasso

Tom Lüneburger – Picture
– Station To Station

Max Herre – Scherben

Miss Platnum – Babooshk
– She Moved In

Metropolis – This Is The Arrival

Cherry Ghost – Kissing Strangers

Villagers – Ship Of Promises

Sinx – EP

Bobby Long – Sampler

Begbie – Corridors
Begbie – The Age Of Golden Lies (LP)

Junip – Always

First Aid Kit – I Met Up With The King

The Leisure Society – The Last Of The Melting Snow
– A Matter Of Time

Hadouken – Turn The Lights Out

Tokio Police Club – Wait Up

Düné – Heat & Victim Of The City

Franz Ferdinand – Live Alone

Shout Out Louds – Show Me Something New

Martin And James – Wrong Directions (EP)

Donots – Forever Ends Today

The Magic Numbers – The Pulse

The Rakes – The Light From Your Mac

Thomas Dybdahl – Cecilia

T.C.H.I.K. – Ich Und Mein Pony

Biffy Cliro – That Golden Rule

Krakow Loves Adana – 1993

The Sounds – Dorchester Hotel

Mumford And Sons – Little Lion Man

The Tamper Trap . Love Lost

Eels – My Timing Is Off

Lucky Fish – Away From The Cliffs (LP)

Maximo Park – Cloud Of Mystery

Rich Webb – Beautiful World

Fertig los! – Wenn Du Mich Brauchst

Judy Collins – Paradise (LP)

Piece Of Mind (LP)

Daveman – Clour Your World

Sedlmeir – Import Export (LP)

The Green Car Motel – Música & Destino De Abril

Liza – HerzensSchrei (LP)

Jammer – 10 Man Roll
– Better Than

Sophie Hunger – 1983

JayB & Sandra Wagner – Sehnsucht

Axel Woph – No One In This World
Axel Wolph – Suddently There Was Peace And All That Terrible Noise Was Gone With The Wind, My Hands Lying Still On The Top Of My Feeltank (LP)

Tocotronic – Die Folter Endet Nie

Pure Reason Revolution – Patriach

Roman Fischer – Into Your Head
– Not For Everyone

Jono McCleery – Tomorrow

Mariha – Another Lover (LP)

Elin Ruth Sigvardsson – Love

Tiesto – Escape Me

Sportfreunde Stiller – Ich War Noch Niemals In New York

Volbeat – Fallen

Schöftland – Der Schein Trügt

The Raveners – Ooh Ya, Ooh Ya, Ooh!

Daniel Benjamin – Oh Oh Reputation

Fyfe Dangerfield – Faster Than The Setting Sun

Shagadelic Groove – EP

Guts – Freedome (LP)

Poets Of The Fall – Dreaming Wide Awake

Sonderfall – Steig Ein

Amor & Orhelia – Intimpiecing
– Nymphoman

DeLaSar – Somewhere

Dota & Die Stadtpiraten – Bis Auf Den Grund

Biestig – Nebenan

Fight Like Apes – Something Global

Amanda Black – A Love Long

Drive By Truckers – Drag The Lake Charlie

Hrmful – Ordinary People

Glashaus – Licht

The Lite Between – Take A Photograph

Benivory – Strobelights

Featherlike – Love (Is A Minefield)


Zeebee – Jealous

Philip Sayce – Innerrevolution

Daydream Tonight My Pearl

Steve Mason – Lost And Found

Black Mountan – The Hair Song

Fiji – I’m Not Your Girl
– Fijical (LP)

Hannes Drobetz – Schwereloses Licht

Filthydukes – Nonsene In The Dark

Asher Lane – Beautiful Falling Easy To be Free

The Alexandria Quartett – Somewhere

Tom Helsen – Home

Joan Armatrading – This Charming Life (LP)

Fn Lovin’ Criminals – Classic Fantastic

Värtsch (EP)

Michael Mack – Ich Brauch Mal Urlaub

Luxuslärm – Leb Deine Träume
– So Laut Ich Kann

Siri Svegler – Silent Viewer

Nephew – 007 Is Also Gonna Die

Vivian Band – Musik Ist Dein Leben

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Get Better
– Sick Tonight & Great Britan

Eureka – The Challenge

The Sad Riders – In The End We Always Win (LP)
– Victoria

Smooth – The Parade

Analyze This – Variouse Pleasure

Erthjuice volume 1

Smoke Fairies – Hotel Room

Shit Robot – From The Cradle ToThe Rave (LP)

Daniel Gardenier – Schwindlig

Alfonzo – Blind As Faith

Jamie Clarke’s Perfect – Fucking Folkabillie Rock

Lennard – First Breath

Robots Is Disguiss – Wake Up!

Filewile – Number One Kid

Marine Stern – Risky Biz

The Rodeo – -On The Radio

The Bullfight – Stranger Than The Night

The Jolly Boys – Rehab

Cortney Tidwell – So We Sing

The Ghost Rockets

The Goo Goo Dolls – Home

Beat Dis – Proof Positive

Charlotte Hatherley – Alexander

My Little Trap – Old Car

Blend – I’m Not In Love Today

Eskmo – Cloudlight/ Come Back

The Duke & The King – Shaky

Steve Lukather – Can’t Look Back

Edgar – Lucky Elephant

Nadine Kraemer Band – Come To Me

Martin Kilger – Glückstag

Queen – Absolute Greatest

These New Puritans – We Ant War

The Eccos – Know The RopesJoe Masi – Yeah?!

Down Below – Unter Eis

Cinema Bizarre – My Obsession

The Moog – You Raised A Vampire

Harper Simon – Shooting Star

My Passion – Day Of The Bees

Getränkealkoholiker – Just Drunk

Beth Hart – Life Is Calling

Destination Anywhere – I Am A Mess

Oren Lavie Songs From The Opposite Of The Sea

Boiler – Alles Und Nichts

Quasi – Repulsion

Sweethead – The Great Disruptiors

Obscenity Trial – Glück Auf

Fictionplane – Push Me Around

Kevin Que – Mr. Meyers

Delerium – Dust In Gravity

Frank Koulee – One Night Love

Phishbacher Prove That!

The More – Marybell Katastrophy

Matt Roehr – Fuel Into The Fire

Popular Damage – The Royal Fly

Die Fantastischen Vier – Spiesser

Macstanley – Between Zwo Worlds (LP)

Amit Erez – The Last Night When I Tried To Sleep I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips (LP)

Massound Godemann Trio – Open letter

Der Polar – Egoshooter

Wirtz – Frei

Worldfly – A Small Boat

Someone Special

The Law – The Chase

Yacht – Psychic City

Weak –

Jaysus – Was Für’n Mann

Willam Fitzsimmons – Goodmorning

Beast – Out Of Control

Turboweekend – Ghost Of A Chance

Ikaria – Admiration
– Transmitter

Mikrokosmos23 – Memorandum (LP)

Breiteck – Glückskind

Tiefdruck Musik – #2

Tuesday – Follow

Northern Lite – Flame

Agnes Miewski – One God For Me

Scab – My Song For You

Soulsavers – Death Bells

Lou Barlow – The Right

The Parolr Mob – Everything Youre Breathing For

Takida – Losing

Kid Decker – Reveries

OMD – If You Want It

Madsen Mein Herz Bleibt Hier

Lass Die Liebe Regieren

Mary Fay – No More

Alpha Academy – Make Me Feel

Juliette Lewis – Fantasy Bar

Mister Sushi – Elektisch

K.I.Z. – Das System

Devil Duck Records – Mixtape

Archie Eronsn Outfit – Shark’s Tooth

Four Tet – Love Cry

Placebo – Bright Lights

The Dodos – Fables

Sound Mind – Grace

Alice Klar – I Don’t Have A Story

Nouvelle Vague – Road To Nowhere

Bleibende Schäden – Winter

Revolving Door – Break The Line

Pluto Project – One Dirt

Anna Depenbush – Tim Liebt Tina

Saalschutz – Ravepunk für eine bessere Welt

Beat!Beat!Beat! – We Are Waves

Musée Méchanique – Sleeping In Your Clothes

Oel – Fine

Christopher Gould – Fly To The Moon

13 Days – Let Me Go & The End & Street Of Hope

36 Crazyfists – Reviver

Molotov Jive – Nicotine

Bela B – Altes Arschloch Liebe

Stompin Souls – I Wish You Where Here

Layla Milow – The Pink Parade (LP)

Zebrahead – The Juggernaut

Malcolm Middelton – Zero

Sondaschule – Hängematte

Doping Panda – Decadance

Und Alle! – Schau Nach Oben!

Earthbend – Ozzy Attack

Sept Emer – Six Stories High (EP)

Venus in Flames – Hanging On

Abe Vigoda – Throwing Shade

Ash – Arcadia

Stakeout – Geschenk An Die Welt (LP)

Kein Wetter

TokTokTok – Revolution 69

The Lowshoe Orchestra – Bored Of The Earth? Come To Space!

Lone Wolf – Keep Your Exes On The Road

The Bacon Brothers – New Year’s Day

The Black Box Revolution – High On A Wire

Shy Guy At The Show – The Birth Of Doubt (LP)

Switchback – Beta


Lorn – None An Island

Nickleback – This Afternoon
– If Today Was Your Last DAy

The Hooters – Five By Five

Buckery – All Night Long

Royal Flame Music – Desney Bailey

Buggirl – Dirt In The Skirt

Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolet

Waking:Hours – Wanna Be Here

Eamonn McCormack – Kindred Spirits

Cate Le Born – Me On My (LP)

Theory – All Or Nothing

The Infesticons – Bombs Anthem

Blue October – Should Be Loved

Dear Lament… – Handle With Care (LP)

Marillion – Less Is More

Phil Cornell – A Part Of Me (LP)

Wir Sind Das Volk – Niemann

Bitune – Otherside

Mesh – Only Better

Lara Gibson – …

Waternight vol.2

David Carroll – The Guest

Atomic – Sunshine Bliss

Alberta Cross – ATX

Hausboot – Immer Wenn Ich Dich Seh

Matthias Goebel – q-Train, Brookyne Bounce

Oh Napoleon – To Have To Lose

Liza 23

Zola Jesus – Night

Sebastian Ruin (LP)

Mike Doughty – Doubly

Dada Ante Portas – The Theory Of Everything

The Ruby Suns – Cinco

Laura Jansen – Use Somebody

Marq – Wunder

My Little Tramp – World In My Pocket

Paul Weller – Wake Up The Nation

Nic Dawson Kelly – The Musician

Grasscut – The Door In The Wall

Gemma Ray – 100mph

P!tro – Beat Spürn

Kleinstadthelden – Indieboys

The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt

Goldrausch – Richtung Liebe (LP)

Silver Colums – Cavalier

Rusko – Woo-Boost

Bloody Beetroots – Domino

Lunik – People Hurt People

Freischwinger – Sommer

Fabian Buch – Hello, Hello

Kristofer Äström – When Her Eyes Turn Blue

B.B. And The Blues Shacks – Real Good Times

Tracey Thorn – Why Does The Wind?

De Staat – Wait For Evolution

Young Guns – Crystal Clear

Nils Koppruch – Kirschen

Zeraphine – Whiteout

Wir Sind Helden – -Alles

Sonic Boom Foundation – Bad News Always Good News (LP)

Oceansize – Superlmposer

Plan B – She Said

Wonderlands – Jersey Budd

…6 A4 Seiten voller CD Titel


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