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06/05/2011 / Raika

Tip Top Playlist vom 06.05.2011

Spaceman Spiff – Straßen
Hund am Strand – Jungen Mädchen
4Backwoods – Supernova Day
Hansen Band – Junger Hund

Touchy Mob – Atlantic Black
Touchy Mob – Baby Look
Hundreds – Solace (Touchy Mob Remix)

Children – Not Future
Children – Quiet Voices

Beatsteaks – Automatic
The Love Bülow – Du Schweigst
Maike Rosa Vogel

Pickers – Control
Café Jazz – Intro
Tim Bendzko – Keine Zeit

Jupiter Jones – Still (Acoustic)

Bakkushan – Baby Du siehst gut aus
Bosse – Warte Saal

Kim Frank – Lara

Auletta – Im Westen
Seeed – Shake Baby Shake (Live)
MIA. Kreisel

CD Tipp: Krakow Loves Adana – Beauty

Bratze – Jean Claude

I Might Be Wrong – Cold Comfort


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